Announcing the recipient of “The Darling” 2022 – Intersex Ally Award

WiO accepting the Darling 2022
Working it Out’s Better Lives Project Officer, Simone-lisa Anderson and CEO, Lynn Jarvis

On Intersex Awareness Day, 26th October 2022, the Darlington Consortium of intersex-led and allied organisations, and community members working towards implementation of the Darlington Statement is proud to announce the recipient of the third Darlington Australia/Aotearoa intersex ally award, “The Darling”.

The award is presented to an organisation, institution or individual that has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to action on intersex issues, beyond affirming the Darlington Statement. This Statement, created in five years ago in 2017, is a community consensus statement that sets out the demands of the intersex community in Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand. It calls for recognition of our right to bodily integrity, and outlines the systemic changes needed to ensure their enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health, wellbeing and other human rights.

The Darling Award 2022 with logo in background on marble texture
The Darling Award 2022

Congratulations and thank you to Working It Out (WIO)

WIO has shown outstanding allyship beyond affirming the Darlington Statement, and progress the objectives of the Darlington Statement through:

  • Learning about intersex people and issues from intersex community members
  • Making their service affirmative and meaningfully inclusive for intersex clients
  • Elevating intersex voices through the creation of intersex specific resources and the Better Lives project – educating Midwives about variations to sex characteristics and how to support these community members and their families
  • Advocating for intersex issues within governments, NGOs, private and public sectors
  • Meaningfully including intersex within the LGBTIQA+ sector
  • Creating or promoting affirmative, rights-based healthcare services that depathologise intersex

Statement by the winning nominee

Statement by Lynn Jarvis, CEO the Working it Out on being awarded the Darling Award:

“Working It Out is extremely honoured to receive this year’s Darlington Award. We see it as a wonderful acknowledgement of our commitment to do better in this space, and to support ways of creating meaningful change. This has been achieved via a great working relationship with our local Intersex Peer Support Australia (IPSA) representative, Simone-lisa Anderson. By jointly working together we have been able to raise the profile of intersex issues in Tasmania and achieved some significant human-rights based wins. Our pilot ‘Better Lives’ project (professional learning and resources for midwives and new parents) has now been expanded to work in broadly across health and education. We are looking forward to sharing all our resources to support better outcomes for people with innate variations of sex characteristics both nationally and internationally.”


Congratulations and thank you to all the nominees for the 2022 Darling Award!

The ACT Government Office for LGBTIQ Affairs is honoured to have been nominated for The Darling 2022.  We work to support government policy to promote Canberra as the most LGBTIQ+ welcoming and inclusive city in Australia. One of the flagship reforms to which the government committed is reforming how care and support is provided to people who have variations in sex characteristics.  This project would not be possible without the ongoing advocacy, expertise, and wisdom of intersex people.  We hope that our work will make a difference to intersex people in the ACT and around Australia, better ensuring respect for bodily autonomy and bodily diversity.”

Fire Darlington Logo and 2022 Nominee

Thank you to all the nominees for their ongoing work supporting the intersex community and our human rights movement.


More information

This year’s award was commissioned from intersex artist Bonnie Hart.

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