The future of the Darlington Statement

The Darlington Statement is a living document. It is a vital and powerful articulation of the demands of the intersex movement in Aotearoa/New Zealand and Australia. Participants at the Darlington 3 intersex community event in Williamstown, Melbourne, 7-9 January 2020, recognise that the Darlington Statement must continue to address the ongoing and emerging issues of our growing intersex community and reflect our listening to each other. A future revision of the Darlington Statement is necessary to further consider the diverse lived experiences of intersex people, for example specific issues relating to:

  • people with disabilities, particularly regarding health and allied health, education and psychosocial support
  • First Nations’ conceptions of health and wellbeing, including cultural and spiritual beliefs
  • seniors and ageing
  • refugees, asylum seekers, exiles and other migrants

We will launch a consultative review process in the near future. A working group will be appointed by IHRA, IPSA and ITANZ to call for recommendations for potential additions and amendments to the original Darlington Statement. This group will then synthesise contributions and make proposals for a new version of the Statement. All intersex individuals who have signed or affirmed the original Statement will be invited to comment on those proposals. The intention is to work towards a new consensus document.