Affirmative healthcare pathways launch

What are the healthcare needs and pathways for people with intersex variations? The Intersex Health & Wellbeing resources work together to visually map established health care needs and highlight potential gaps in services. The suite of resources encompasses:

  • Psychosocial Impact Map: pathways and pitfalls navigating healthcare services, peer support and advocacy
  • Service Referral Flowchart: A high level graphic depiction of how referral pathways should operate between different health and social service providers
  • Healthcare and Services Map: a map of health and wellbeing services needed at different life stages
  • Best-Practice Indicator Checklist: an evaluation tool to ensure service delivery is affirmative, inclusive, rights-based and trauma informed. The tool currently provides indicators matched to existing industry accreditation standards across 6 sectors – primary health care; mental health; peer-led intersex organisations; education, skills & employment; social services; and health specialists

These resources are made available free to download for personal use, while organisational use of these resources requires a Yellow Tick license.

The resources have been developed in collaboration between the Darlington Consortium members (Intersex Human Rights Australia and Intersex Peer Support Australia) and Queensland Council for LGBTI Health.

“As part of our activities to mark Intersex Day of Solidarity on the 8th November, Bonnie Hart, Mental Health Project Officer at Queensland Council for LGBTI Health, will participate in a panel discussion about the current state of health and social service provision, launch and talk through the resources and how they can assist services to become both intersex inclusive and affirmative, and provide an update on the Yellow Tick and its role in supporting intersex inclusive practice.

“On the panel, Bonnie will be joined by Morgan Carpenter (Bioethicist and Co-executive Director, Intersex Human Rights Australia), and Dr. Agli Zavros-Orr (Academic and Board member of Intersex Peer Support Australia & Intersex Human Rights Australia).”

Download the healthcare and wellbeing pathways resources

Downloads are free for personal use or review. Licensing via the Yellow Tick is needed for use within organisational settings. Emails will be sent from the Darlington Consortium – please check your spam folder if you don’t receive the email promptly.

Healthcare and wellbeing resources

Healthcare and wellbeing pathways

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